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Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle
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Burn The Fat, Feed the Muscle going off clickbank...
New Burn the Fat Body Transformation System Launching
On Clickbank In December 2013

This is Tom Venuto here and this is the single most important message I have ever written to our Burn the Fat clickbank affiliates.

In fact, this might be the most important message I have ever written to anyone in my entire career.

Four months from now we have scheduled what might be the biggest clickbank affiliate promotion opportunity in the history of the clickbank health and fitness category.

This is only a preliminary announcement, but here, in summary, is what its about:

Burn the Fat, feed the muscle is a PDF ebook launched on clickbank in 2003. This product pioneered the clickbank PDF ebook industry in the fitness niche. It remained at #1 on the charts for 5 years in a row non stop, paid out millions of dollars in affiliate commissions and has continued to sell to this day, a decade after its release.

On December 9th, 2013, Burn the fat, Feed the Muscle will be taken off the clickbank marketplace. Its the end of an era. The good news is, it's the start of a new era.

Why am I doing this? For years, New York City publishers have hounded me with enormous offers, to sell them the Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle book rights. I always declined... Until now.

Earlier this year, I sold the rights for Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle to the largest English Language publisher in the world, Random House New York. It's also going international, as Random House Toronto will distribute in Canada, and Random House London in the UK.

Now, you might be thinking... "Are you out of your mind, Venuto?" Youre telling me that you're giving up the rights to the ebook that sold millions? Are you a lunatic? Don't you know that there's a digital revolution going on and that mainstream publishing industry is a dinosaur? You should have just stayed digital and stayed a self-publisher!"

I understand why someone would say that. In fact, when I toured Manhattan as every major publisher courted me, the executives from every one of the big 6 publishing firms I visited asked me, "why are you selling now? You're a mega-success as a self-publisher."

My answer to them is my answer to you:

"Because I have a new and better product for my clickbank affiliates that I believe will make them twice or even three times the money and shoot right back to the top of the clickbank charts."

"Since I have a new product for clickbank, in the same Burn the Fat Brand, that frees up the rights to the print book."

That's when they got it, and I was offered a deal for the book rights that I couldn't refuse, one of the biggest the industry has ever seen.

What this means is, the Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle ebook will be completely removed from the market before December 10th, 2013 when the print version is released.

I have already stopped selling the ebook myself, as I have begun pushing the pre-sales of the hardcover edition (you can pre-order on Amazon now). I also have slowly let the business taper down to a slow trickle over the last 6-8 months, which is why you haven't heard much from me this year as an affiliate.

I will not have the space in one email to cover all the details today, but here is what you need to know now as the 4month countdown begins.

The new product is called.... (drum roll)...

"The Burn the Fat 49-day Body Transformation System."

The new program IS NOT AN EBOOK. It is a system... a program.

Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle is a book. Burn the Fat is a brand, and I've worked hard to develop the brand so that a new "BURN THE FAT" product will almost seamlessly take the place of the old ebook on clickbank. By seamless I mean that there will be no new domain name - the new product will simply take the spot of the old ebook at www.BurnTheFat.com

The clickbank hoplinks will remain the same. All your existing links will continue to work, they will simply point to a new Burn the Fat program, not the old Burn the Fat book.

Affiliates who are doing SEO on the title of the program or who have domain names with the old product (ebook) name, this is one of the few significant changes. It is quite important to begin making that transition now - after December 10th 2013, clickbank affiliates should not and will NOT want to use the title "Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle." That is a hardcover book title now.

Burn the Fat 49 day Body Transformation system is the new name of the new product. Alternately, you can call the new program:

The Burn The Fat Body Transformation System
The Burn the Fat Body Transformation Program
The Burn The Fat 49-Day Body Transformation System
The Burn the Fat 49- Day Body Transformation Program
The Burn the Fat System
The Burn the Fat Program

These are some of the new product title keywords. This does not just have significance for SEO. Moving foward into our new era, if you confuse the Book title and the new clickbank program title, you may create confusion in the website visitor / prospect. They will arrive at the website looking for a "book" but instead they find a different program.

Furthermore, while I will surely not complain if you send traffic to traditional book retailers and help my print book sales, that is not what you want as a clickbank affiliate, yet that is what will happen if you don't change your product name keywords.

Prospective customers will find your site or ad or message and if the search was for the old product (burn the fat feed the muscle), they might end up on Amazon, etc buying the print book with no commission to you, when what you wanted was to send them to www.BurnTheFat.com for the new Burn the Fat 49 day body transformation system at $67 (or more), of which you get a handsome commission. Thats the whole idea here- get you paid MORE by releasing a new product - a total "system" - at a higher price point than a "book."

Therefore, using the right (the new) title is important. If you use "burn the fat, feed the muscle" frequently in your affiliate pages, the transition of the name can and should begin taking place now so you are ready.

Again to clarify further, BURN THE FAT is a company and a brand. Burn the fat, Feed the Muscle is just one product within the brand (a book). The burn the fat 49 day body transformation system is a NEW product inside the same BURN THE FAT brand... and you can expect more burn the fat product in the future.

The new program will contain multi-media elements including audio coaching, video, a workout and a nutrition plan. The core component is audio mp3 coaching sessions. Why? Well, think about it: What is the best selling info product in history? Yep... Tony Robbins personal power, a 30 day AUDIO coaching program. Not a bad system to emulate.

Not to mention, podcasting and consumption of audios is at an all time high. The difference between this product and a podcast is that podcasts have lower perceived value as they are very much chatter and current news, much like radio. Our audio coaching system is higher in perceived value and evergreen... timeless... PLUS, it does include a workout and nutrition plan.

Another advantage of the product change is that the value of this new program is much higher than an "ebook." Therefore, our plan is to sell at at least $67 and we will test as high as $97.

That means MUCH MUCH MUCH higher payouts for you.

Sales copy? Already written by one of the best copywriters on planet earth.. and yes, we will test between video and written and go with the winner as the default landing page.

I will have more news in upcoming emails, but for now there are a few things you need to know:

1. The ebook is going completely off the clickbank market as of December 9th, 2013.

2. You need to begin to make the transition now by changing any reference to an "ebook" to a "program" or "system". ie, where your web pages say Burn the fat "ebook", burn the fat "book" or "burn the fat feed the muscle", change that to burn the fat system or burn the fat program or burn the fat 49-day body transformation program. That will help with a seamless transition.

3. I have stopped promoting the ebook to my own personal house lists, as i have an agreement with my publisher to start pushing pre-sales of the printed hardcopy book. If you want to continue promoting the ebook during the next 4 month transitional phase, please contact me asap at tomvenuto at mindspring.com or contact me here.

4. The re-launch dates begin approximately after black friday (november - after US thanksgiving) into the first week of December. The new program release date is tentatively scheduled for december 9th, a day before the print book is released. Exact dates will be announced well in advance. We are going to try to work with other vendors to encourage them not to run major promotions during our promo window, as this re-launch will be the premier launch in the clickbank fitness space for late november - early December.

5. There will be an incredible, ground-breaking opportunity to help me with my print book launch AFTER the new clickbank product launch which will earn you extra commission on your clickbank sales, up to as much as 100% commission.

Im sorry i dont have space for more details, but please, if you want to know more now, before the next newsletter, you can reach me direct at tomvenuto at mindspring.com or on the contac form here: contact me.

6. One last point: if you are a clickbank marketer with experience in foreign language sales, you should know that i did not sell any foreign language rights and we re about to release burn the fat, feed the muscle -the book -in every language on the clickbank platform. IF you want to be a part of this, contact me quickly, as first movers will surely have the advantage.

We are about to begin another decade of changing people's lives with an incredible product that could also provide you with an incredible source of affiliate marketing income.

I hope to hear from you.. and stay tuned for more details as I release them over the next 4 months leading up to our December launch.

To your success,

Tom Venuto
Author, Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle

P.S. As always, please read our earnings disclaimer and read our affiliate agreement as well as clickbank's affiliate agreement. We can give no assurances of conversion rates or sales. Questions? contact me.

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