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The Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle Guide To Flexible Meal Planning For Fat Loss

You're Only One Meal Plan Away From The Leaner, Healthier Body You Want, While Finally Loving Everything You Eat

And Here's How Can You Get That One Meal Plan Made For You, Your Body, And Your Goals, In Just Minutes... And (Best Part), Eat Anything You Want, Never Get Bored, And Keep A Healthy Relationship With Food

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burn the fat, feed the muscle guide to flexible meal planning for fat loss

Meal planning could be the most powerful technique for fat loss ever invented... IF you do it the right way. 

When you do it the right way, it can also be the most effective way to keep the fat off as well. That's vitally important, because maintaining your fat loss is the hardest part, not losing it.

A meal planning method that works MUST look at the long term and help you build habits, not give you a quick fix, like when an "influencer" or coach hands you a generic meal plan. 

The problem is, almost everyone does meal planning for fat loss wrong - even famous diet coaches. 

When you do it wrong, it not only doesn't work, but also, using that wrong meal plan is the exact reason you fail on your diet and fail at fat loss.

That's right: Having no meal plan is bad. Having the wrong meal plan is even worse.

The method you're about to learn right here on this web page has strategies for the long-term built-in from the start.

There's Only One Type of Meal Plan That Really Works, And Keeps On Working

If you ever bought a meal plan from one of those coaching companies...

If you ever tried to follow a meal plan out of any diet book...

Or, if you ever tried to follow someone else's meal plan...

The odds are high that you failed to follow it, or didn't follow it for long. And if you managed to take off some fat, the odds are high that the weight crept back on.

If that happened to you, it's not your fault, because almost no one teaches or practices the right way to create meal plans. The entire diet industry has failed miserably.

What's the right way? What's the secret?

The only kind of meal plan that works is a meal plan that's both customized and flexible.

The First Reason Almost All Meal Plans Fail

If you tried to follow a meal plan in the past and failed, one of the biggest reasons is because it wasn't customized for you. 

If you try to follow someone else's meal plan, that's obviously not customized - it's not yours. 

It's tempting, and almost a natural reaction, to look at someone else who had success at fat loss and want to duplicate what they did. But when it comes to meal plans, that's the biggest mistake you can make. (You'd have better luck duplicating their mindset than their meal plan). 

And if you follow a meal plan out of a diet book, by definition that's not customized either. It's generic and couldn't possibly be a match for every reader. 

Even if you purchase a meal plan from a diet coach, it might be the same plan that coach gives all his clients. Coaches are notorious for this. If you're lucky, you might get a plan with the right calorie amount, but calories are only one small part of a completely customized plan. 

This use of cookie-cutter meal plans is rampant in the diet coaching business. The companies doing it continue to thrive because most dieters are programmed to want someone else to give them a plan. It's also easy to get sucked into believing there's something magical about a plan from a guru. 

The truth is, generic meal plans fail 99.999% of the time. A plan only works if it's crafted from scratch just for you. 

A meal plan must be created for your unique needs. That means accounting for your age, gender, height, weight, activity, and goals. 

The plan must also match your preference in food. 

This is another way the diet industry has failed you: diet gurus don't care what foods you like. They want you to believe there's magic in certain "good" foods they allow, and magic in avoiding certain "bad" foods they forbid.

Here's What The Diet Industry Doesn't Want You To Know ...

The "magic" is in eating the foods you enjoy eating. 

In fact, if you don't customize your meal plan by including the foods you like, you're going to fail eventually. 

The way you make this customization work is with macro-based meal planning. Macro is short for macronutrient and there are three of them: proteins, carbohydrates and fats.

Figure out the right macro numbers for your body and follow a meal plan based on those numbers, made up from foods you like, and fat will fall right off, every single time.

But I am not saying you should eat any type of food, regardless of how processed it is, as long as "It Fits Your Macros." 

I am saying that doing meal planning right means there's no forbidden foods, yet you eat unprocessed food most of the time because you want to nourish your body.

If you follow these guidelines and also eat based on macros at the same time, you can eat anything you want. And you should, because that's customized nutrition. 

The Second Reason Almost All Meal Plans Fail

That brings us to the second mistake most people make that leads to fat loss failure: Rigid dieting.

Psychologists have known for years that severe restriction of food choices, rigid dieting, as well as all or nothing attitudes about food, lead to diet failure. Even worse, it can cause eating disorders, body image issues, obsessiveness and preoccupation with food. 

The opposite or rigid dieting is flexible dieting and this approach to nutrition and meal planning is scientifically proven to increase weight loss and long term weight maintenance success. At the same time, it promotes a healthy relationship with food.

Flexible dieting has become a buzzword and has continued to increase in popularity year after year, and for good reason.

Now, for the first time ever, the same concept has been expanded and applied to the entire meal planning process, not just your food choices alone.

Introducing The Flexible Meal Planning Concept

Some fat loss nutrition guidelines are non-negotiable. For example, you must have a calorie deficit to lose fat. But, you have more flexibility than you might think in how you choose to achieve that deficit. For example, you don't have to cut carbs unless you want to. There's more than one way to get a calorie deficit.

And when it comes to the rest of your meal plan, you can build it from the ground up with flexibility, having almost complete autonomy over your choice of foods, macro ratios, meal frequency, meal times, whether or not you use supplements and more. 

If there's one thing we've learned and appreciate more than ever today, after decades of scientific research on fat loss, it's this: there's no single diet that works for everyone, there are many, many ways you can approach it. 

This doesn't mean you shouldn't have structure. It doesn't mean you don't need restraint. It means to be successful, you must have flexible structure in your plan and flexible restraint in your behavior.

When you're finished with the customized and flexible meal planning process, make no mistake, you are going to have a specific meal plan - right down to the grams of macros - and it will have a definite structure. 

But the structure isn't forced on you or even given to you by someone else. You create your own structured but flexible plan - the perfect plan for you.

After a life of food restriction and rigid diets, the feeling of freedom you get from flexible meal planning is almost indescribable. 

Even when you're dieting for fat loss on lower calories, with a flexible meal plan, you love how you eat and you love what you eat.

Why Most People Don't Know About Flexible Meal Planning Yet

If this flexible meal planning idea is so great, then why haven't more people heard about it and why aren't more people doing it?

Well, the phrase flexible dieting has been around for years. I don't own it, and I didn't invent it. But I did just coin the term, "flexible meal planning" - it's new. 

I also just started sharing how to do it in a formal step-by-step system - the one you'll find on this web page.

But aside from the fact that flexible meal planning is a new movement in the nutrition industry, I believe the biggest reason more people aren't doing any meal planning at all is because there are so many myths about it.

The 8 Massive Myths About Meal Planning

If you want to embrace meal planning and do it the right way - the new flexible way - we first have to bust some of these myths that might be stopping you from even trying. 

MYTH 1: Meal Planning is too hard

If you've read this far, you realize that I'm suggesting you create your own customized meal plan and do it based on calories and macros. That might seem overwhelming, but it's easy if you have the right system.

The Burn the Fat, Feed The Muscle Guide To Flexible Meal Planning For Fat Loss gives you the system that takes you from scratch to a completed meal plan in a series of simple steps. Once you've learned the system, you can make meal plans based on macros in just minutes. 

If you're intimidated by calorie and macro tracking, you can breathe easy. There's a way to do nutrition math once and then not have to track macros every day. You choose whether you want to track daily or not. 

And in the final step of my meal planning system, I also teach you how to transition away from calorie counting and macro tracking and into habit-based eating, intuitive eating, and mindful eating. Master these skills and it's not mandatory to track macros at all.

MYTH 2: Following a meal plan means you can't be spontaneous with food choices.

Following a meal plan rigidly means you can't be spontaneous with food choices. If you follow a flexible meal plan, you can be as spontaneous as you want. You could pick your dinner on the fly every night, but you'll still have structure and a plan for doing it.

MYTH 3: Following a meal plan is boring.

Following the same meal plan every day can be boring for some people. And while following the same plan every day has advantages, you don't have to eat on repeat all the time. You can create multiple meal plans - as many as you want. You can also use a food group exchange system to get as much meal variety as you want. 

MYTH 4: Following a meal plan doesn't allow flexibility.

I think we've already busted this myth, but let's drive a nail in the coffin: A rigid meal plan dictated to you by someone else doesn't allow for flexibility. But a meal plan you create for yourself, where you get to choose almost every meal plan variable, is almost completely flexible. And even after you've chosen your own plan, you can change almost any part of it in the future. 

MYTH 5: Following a meal plan is too rigid or restrictive.

Trying to follow a cookie cutter meal plan might be too rigid. Following the unrealistic guidelines that most diet gurus impose might be too restrictive. But following the flexible dieting philosophy and being a flexible meal planner is not rigid or restrictive at all. You can literally eat any foods you want, and if they hit your macros in a calorie deficit, you will lose fat. 

If you want optimal health, you'll want to get your calories from nutritious, unprocessed foods 80% to 90% of the time, but since that gives you 10% to 20% of your calories to enjoy any food, it doesn't feel restrictive at all. 

MYTH 6: Following a meal plan leads to dichotomous (black or white) thinking.

Following a cookie-cutter meal plan, or a diet with a long list of strict rules can lead to dichotomous thinking, and that kind of either-or, on or off thinking correlates with diet failure and eating disorders. But being a flexible meal planner makes you a good critical thinker and helps you avoid disordered eating and food obsession.

MYTH 7: Following a meal plan doesn't teach good eating skills or create good habits.

Actually, following a meal plan is one of the best pathways for building good habits. After following a meal plan for as little as two or three months, new eating behaviors are already becoming habitual. At this point, following a meal plan and tracking macros becomes optional and you can fall back on habits and use intuitive and mindful eating to guide you.

MYTH 8: Hiring a coach to make your meal plan is the best way.

Hiring a coach is a good idea only if the coach creates a customized and flexible meal plan for you. If the coach sells you a cookie-cutter plan, prescribes rigid rules, or pushes one eating philosophy dogmatically, it might be the worst way. 

How To Create Your Own Meal Plan That is 100% Customized And 100% Flexible

You don't need a coach to create a meal plan for you. You need a coach to show you how to create your own meal plan, the plan that's right for you. 

You can learn the skills of flexible meal plan creation yourself, and once you do, you will own them for the rest of your life.

Possessing these skills yourself instead of depending on someone else to do it for you is one of the most valuable assets you'll ever have.

You don't need to hire a coach for in-person or online personal consultation because meal plan coaching can come in the form of a book. 

And now, it does.

It took me years to develop the Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle Flexible Meal Planning System. The journey started over three decades ago. In the years since, the system has evolved based on emerging new science combined with real world client feedback. 

When I knew it was complete, I spent months putting this system into written form and it has now finally been released to the public for the very first time.

In The Brand New Guidebook From Tom Venuto's Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle Series, Here's a Small Sample of What You'll Learn...

  • The new method for setting your macros... there's now a more accurate way to set your protein, carb and fat grams and it's easier and more flexible than the old way
  • How to customize your macros, and why it's not better to cut carbs, and you shouldn't, unless you like eating low carb
  • Exactly how much to eat based on custom calculations... and a simple calorie shortcut that requires zero math
  • The truth about meal frequency and timing, and why customizing your meal schedule can be the difference between success and failure
  • The difference between meal planning and macro tracking... almost no one talks about this and most people don't even know there's a difference 
  • How to use an app or online software to create meal plans, and why it's not always mandatory to track food intake with an app every day
  • The pros and cons of portion size and plating systems... and the best ways to make these non-counting skills work for you 
  • How to plan snacks... plus, why snacking causes some people to gain fat, while others eat snacks and keep getting leaner. 
  • The simplest system for choosing foods that takes all the confusion about "what to eat" out of the picture for good
  • How to use the "paint-by-numbers" meal-building system and put your macros in the right range automatically, without even counting them
  • How to adjust a meal plan to hit your macro goals close to the bullseye (if you want precision)
  • The best food exchange system that gives you unlimited variety so you never get bored with what you eat
  • The biggest meal planning mistake you must avoid at all costs
  • How to shift away from macro-based meal plans and into intuitive eating, and what kind of people benefit the most from non-tracking approaches
  • The keys to getting lean and staying lean without counting calories: 4 principles of intuitive eating, 6 tenets of mindful eating, and 6 guidelines of habit-based eating

You'll Also Get All The Valuable Bonuses In The Meal Planning Guide Appendix

  • Appendix 1: Tom's Master Meal Plan: Learn the "Master Meal Plan" concept and also see an example exactly as it would appear in meal planning software
  • Appendix 2: The 7-Day Meal Plan: See Tom's entire weekly meal plan and discover the unique way it was created (it's not how you might think)
  • Appendix 3: 21 Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle recipes: Classics and brand new recipes that Tom included in his 7-day meal plan... breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and desserts, and most take only minutes to make 
  • Appendix 4: The Burn the Fat Food Guide and Exchange List: Use this list for choosing food ... and for learning the food exchange system so you can get unlimited variety in your meals
  • Appendix 5: The Burn the Fat Simple Meal Guide (Breakfasts) 27 breakfast ideas you can use while learning the meal builder formula at the same time
  • Appendix 6: The Burn The Fat Simple Meal Guide (Lunches and Dinners): 32 lunch and dinner ideas... Use this list for meal ideas and for learning the meal builder formula 
  • Appendix 7: The Burn The Fat Snack Guide: Over 5 dozen snack ideas at a glance 

Limited Time Extra Bonus: Burn The Fat Feed The Muscle Guide To Meal Prep, Yours FREE!

burn the fat, feed the muscle guide to flexible meal planning for fat loss

Order now, and you'll also receive our guide to Meal Prep

If you've been in the diet, fitness or bodybuilding space for long, you've probably heard the term "meal prep" (or "meal prepping") many times before.

But are you sure you know what meal prepping really is? Meal prepping and meal planning go hand in hand, but meal prepping is not the same thing as meal planning.

Meal planning is choosing a meal schedule, calculating your calories and macros and then creating daily meal plans that hit your target numbers. You do this with apps or software. You might create one meal plan and eat the same every day, or you might create many meal plans for variety. Then you simply follow your plan.

Meal prepping has a lot to do with shopping and cooking. But more than that, it's cooking in advance, usually in larger quantities, so you'll have food ready to reheat and eat later. It often involves portioning and storing individual meals or foods in containers.

Our Guide to Meal Prep teaches you exactly how to do it.

You'll learn the 6 major meal prep schedules and the 4 types of meal prep strategies. Plus I share my personal meal prep secrets I used while I was winning bodybuilding contests, and how that changed after I retired from competition and had to start cooking for others as well as myself. You get some great recipe ideas too.

This guide is packed with info, but I kept it concise (27 pages) so you can read it quickly and you can put the info into action fast.

This Program Will Work For Anyone Following a Balanced Macro Diet...

This meal planning system not only teaches you how to create meal plans that are customized and flexible, it also teaches you how to create balanced meal plans...

Extreme diets that cut out an entire macro or give you long lists of foods you can't eat may work in the short term, but usually in the long run with the benefit of hindsight, you see it was only a quick fix. Only a balanced diet that becomes part of your lifestyle will help you burn the fat and keep the fat off long term. 

With this meal planning system, you can eat anything you want, and no matter what foods you prefer, this will work for you. 

And while there are recommended ranges for macros, the room you have to customize your macros is vast. If you prefer a little less carbs and a bit more fat and protein, this will work for you. If you prefer a little more protein and a little less carbs, this will work for you. 

As long as you intend to keep a reasonable balance of macros, this will work for you.

"I Want This! How Much Does It Cost?"

Aside from the problems with many coaches I already mentioned, supposing you actually found a good one, they can be expensive. That's one of the reasons I've put my flexible meal planning system into an ebook format with a low price: 

I want to get this system into the hands of as many people as possible, so the regular retail price for the e-book is only $27.00. That's a fraction of what a good coach (or dietician consultation) would cost. 

The same system that you'll be learning in the e-book will be the basis for a large, multi media and video course that will probably run for 5 times this price (still less than a coach would cost). 

When the online course is launched, I'm not sure if we'll continue to offer this material in book form, or the book may only be available with the entire course. If you want to get this important material now at a low price, take advantage of this discount offer today. 

Order now so you can get the Meal Prep guide bonus free as well, before it's no longer available.

In addition to the great low price, you also get a...

100% Burn the fat guarantee

100% Satisfaction Money-Back Guarantee!

Please feel welcome to go ahead and order now and then review this program for up to 60 days on our no-risk trial.

If you've tried the strategies and you find they don't work brilliantly for you, or if you're not satisfied with the program for any reason at all, you can have a prompt, courteous refund.

Simply e-mail us and we will refund every penny you invested, no questions asked.

Download It Instantly And Start Burning Fat Today

When you order now, you'll be receiving The Meal Planning program as a single e-book. The list of bonus items for the Meal Planning system mentioned above are all inside the book in the appendix at the end.

The limited time extra free bonus - the Meal Prep Guide - is a separate download (PDF, 27 pgs).

The main book is 140 pages, so it's not a long read, but it covers everything you need to know in detail. 

The Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle Guide To Meal Planning For Fat loss is not available in any bookstores and is published exclusively in a digital (PDF document) format. No physical products are shipped.

That means you can download it almost instantly right after you order, and start burning fat today.

Tom Venuto

Enjoy your progress and new freedom and enjoyment of eating as you use this program, and I'll look forward to hearing about your results.

Train hard and expect success!

Tom Venuto,

Founder and CEO, Burn The Fat Inner Circle
Author of The Guide To Flexible Meal Planning For Fat Loss

The Most Frequently Asked Questions
About The Flexible Meal Planning Guide

Q: Is there a hardcopy / print version?

A: There is no hardcopy. The Guide to Flexible Meal Planning For Fat Loss is available exclusively in digital ebook format, so it can be downloaded almost instantly, anywhere in the world with no shipping delay and no shipping costs. The ebook is provided in PDF format so it is 100% printable. No physical product is shipped. (An online course that teaches this same system on video is in the planning stages for future release). 

Q: Is this a new version of the book Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle?

A: No. This is a new book first published in 2021. It is a great companion book to Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle but it stands alone as well - you don't have to read the author's original book to benefit from this new one. The Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle guidebooks will be an ongoing series Under the same brand name. 

Q: Does the program work as well for women as men? 

A: Yes The Guide to Flexible Meal Planning For Fat Loss is fantastic for women. I not only offer my own meal plans as an example (I'm a man), the guidebook uses a woman as an example of setting calories and macros. The main difference is most men can eat quite a bit more than women. Some women might eat fewer meals than men for that same reason. However, the rest of the meal planning process is the same. 

Q: Will this work for vegetarians?

A: The same meal planning process can work regardless of whether you eat meat or not. You get to choose your food sources. Vegetarians can still calculate calories and macros the same way as everyone else. However the book does not go into detail about food choices, protein sources and specific meal planning considerations for vegan eating so this may not be the right program for vegans. If there is enough interest we will create a supplemental guide for vegans and or update the book in a new edition with an additional section about vegan eating.

Q: Will this work for someone doing a ketogenic low carb diet? 

A: No, this is not keto compatible. This meal planning system is for people who want to follow balanced macro diets. It is not for people following any macronutrient extreme such as almost completely removing carbs. However, this system will absolutely work for low or moderate carb diets with around 30% to 40% carbs. There is very large range of macros you can work with and the book provides guidance on how to customize your macros.

Q: Will this work for muscle gaining meal planning?

A: The exact same steps in the meal planning system will in fact work for muscle gaining diets and people who want to gain muscle could benefit from reading this on many levels. However, in this book, I specifically discuss meal planning in the context of fat loss and all the examples including calorie and macro numbers are geared toward fat loss, so I recommend this book primarily for fat loss and fat loss maintenance.

Q: Can you confirm that there are no other charges or hidden costs beyond the $27.00? 

A: In the book I mention that you're going to need a meal planning tool. Also in the book I recommend our Burn the Fat Meal Planner software which is available only to members at Burn the Fat Inner Circle. However, there's nothing else you need to buy because there are so many mobile apps available for free that you can use as your meal planning tool. You might even have one on your phone already (My Fitness Pal, etc). Plus, you could even create meal plans on a spreadsheet if you wanted to, using software or an app is simply faster and easier.

We always invite everyone to join our members-only community (the Inner Circle), but no membership is required - you can purchase The Guide To Flexible Meal Planning with no other charges, download it, and do it completely on your own. Obviously, you're going to want a sensible training plan (which is not included in this package), but nothing else is needed to make this meal planning system work.

If there are any applicable sales taxes, they will be added in the shopping cart where you can see them. (For example, you might see $1.30 or thereabouts, depending on sales tax rates where you live.

Q: How can I be sure it's safe to order online from your website? 

A: Our checkout page is on a secure server, we are a Verisign-trusted site (confirming our identity, location and virus-free status), we're A+ rated by the Better Business Bureau of New Jersey (where our physical offices are located) and our website has been trusted online since 2003 with a reputation for integrity. Click the yellow add to cart button below to place your secure order.


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