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About Tom Venuto

tom venuto Hi. My name is Tom Venuto and I'm the owner and publisher of this website, BurnTheFat.com. I'm also the author of Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle, the best-selling fat loss diet and nutrition e-book.

I've been involved in almost every aspect of the fitness and weight loss industry since I started in this business in 1989: personal trainer, nutrition consultant, motivation coach, fitness model, health club manager and best-selling author.

I'm a freelance writer and have written more than 400 articles on nutrition, training, fat loss and fitness motivation, and my articles can be found on thousands of websites worldwide including About.com, The Huffington Post, Bodybuilding.com, Men's Fitness.com, Lee Labrada's Lean Body Coaching Club, Christian Finn's Facts About Fitness.com, Will Brink's Bodybuilding Revealed.com and too many others to list.

I've been writing and publishing online since 1999, but I've also been featured in the bodybuilding and fitness print magazines including IRONMAN (US, Italian and Australian editions), Natural Bodybuilding, Muscular Development, Exercise for Men, Menís Exercise and Men's Fitness.

tom venuto as seen in oprah magazine

I've been featured in the mainstream media too, including Oprah magazine, First for Women magazine, Experience Life magazine, The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times.

I've also been interviewed on dozens of radio shows including Martha Stewart healthy living (Sirius), WCBS-AM, 1250-ESPN and BlogTalk Radio.

tom venuto as seen in oprah magazine

Quite a few years back, I received my bachelor of science degree in Adult Health/Fitness (Exercise Science) from Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania. I was recently honored to appear in the University's Alumni magazine for my writing and publishing achievements, (the story was called "No Gimmicks"... because I don't believe in them!)

I'm also a long-time member of the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM), the National Strength And Conditioning Association (NSCA) and all of the weight loss research societies (plus I read ALL the major obesity, nutrition and exercise science research journals every month - I may look like a "muscle-head" but I'm also a bit of a science geek!)

I've been training since 1983, I've competed in bodybuilding 28 times since 1989, and I'm lifetime natural (which means steroid-free!) My titles include the Mr. Natural New Jersey, Natural Pennsylvania, Natural New York State, Natural Mid Atlantic States and NPC Natural Eastern Classic championships. I also won 2nd place in the Mr. Natural USA and 2nd in the Mr. Natural North America contests. (To read my inspirational and somewhat comical story of how I got ripped for my first competition - click here)

Last but not least, I'm the founder and CEO of the Burn The Fat Inner Circle fat loss support website, where we have an amazing community of over 16,000 members - and it's growing by the day.

tom venuto

I live in Hoboken, New Jersey, which is right across the Hudson River from New York City. In fact, I'm looking out my window at the Empire State building as I write this. Hoboken is best known as the birthplace of baseball and Frank Sinatra (We now also have Eli Manning of NY Giants fame). I love Jersey and New York City, but the winters are a bit of a drag... (I dream of Southern California daily!)

I train at Strong & Shapely Gym in East Rutherford New Jersey (The East Coast "Mecca of bodybuilding") and at Club KO in Hoboken, NJ. If if you drop by one of those gyms for a workout, you might just bump into me!

If you're interested in fat loss, whether that's losing 100 pounds or more, the last 10-15 pounds or actually getting "ripped" to the point of 6-pack abs, then please visit the home page and read all about Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle - it's an amazing program that has transformed literally hundreds of thousands of bodies... it's the SAME program I use to hit contest or photo-shoot condition and to maintain my body fat in the single digits all year round when I'm not competing.

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Train hard and expect success!

Tom Venuto
Author of Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle

tom venuto as seen in Men's Fitness

tom venuto on WCBS-AM Radio New York

As heard on ESPN, WCBS and Sirius Radio
Tom Venuto, As seen in the wall street journal
Tom Venuto, as seen in the New York Times
As seen in Men's Fitness, The Wall Street Journal and Oprah Magazine

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